Monday, September 3, 2012

Use Me!

THAT is our cry.  We want to be used by our Lord Jesus and can I tell you it feels OH SO GOOD!  Thank you Lord for using a group of sinners, such as our family, to be your hands to the hurting world. 

We are FAR from perfect, we make mistakes and we, at times, crumple in the face of evangelism but yet you call us and allow us to love your people for your glory. 

I've been filling in for a friend when she can't make it to the hospital to pray over her Muslim friend who is in the ICU.  We've been bold and pray in Jesus name and have been asking for healing, for him to call out to our Lord because we care about his eternal destiny.  We care so much that there is a yearning in our hearts that can't let one day go by without one of us seeing him and sharing the Good News. 

Worldly speaking I have no reason to have concern for this man.  I just met him on Saturday, when God grants him full recovery he will go back to Kuwait, he is different from me in many ways.  YET, there is such a burden on my heart for his soul. 

As I was walking down the hall to his room I passed a distraught couple.  I barely noticed them as I was praying, "Lord, go before me!"  As I was past them some way my memory jogged and I called out her name.  It was the parents of neighbor friends I had grown up with back in my hometown.  We embraced and I quickly learned her youngest was in a serious motorcycle accident the day before and his passenger had died. 

Great pain.

Huge heartache. 

I was here, I was called at this exact moment to pass them by as they stood in the hall.  SO many perfect "coincidences" had to line up for this God-meeting.  Timing, the direction of how they were standing, the officer calling them to the hall at that moment, my friend not coming to visit the ICU, me filling in for her on a holiday when my husband had taken the kids so I could get a few things done around the house... being obedient to His plan verses my own plan. 

Yes God, use me!  So now I have two reasons to visit the ICU and they are to care for the hurting in their lowest of time. 

May we all desire to be used and to put off our own plans for then we have amazing God-stories to share! 


  1. i was just saying today, i am amazed that these "God sightings" surprise and delight me every time. i have been blessed with so many in my life, one would think i would be used to it already. i revel in joy at the gift of seeing His work and honored when He calls me to be part of it. thank you for sharing. let us all be on the lookout for how He could use us each day. may we always be giddy for God.

  2. Such a blessing to see the Lord using you, Jenn, as it inspires me to let Him use me, too. Much love.